Stéphane Rolland began his steep career after he finished his traineeship at the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne . Immediately, he was discovered by Balenciaga. Within only one year, the talented fashion maker convinced the famous brand to declare him the Creative Director. But there are even more very famous names which his CV mentions, including Balmain or Jean-Louis Scherrer. Furthermore, the Cannes International Film Festival  relied on his talent as a designer, too. Today, the brand Stéphane Rolland creates Haute Couture, Ready-To-Wear and accessories.

His Haute Couture collection for the spring and summer 2014 really took my breath away in particular. Stéphane Rolland probably was inspired by flowers, as we can observe voluminous valances on his robes, which embrace the shoulders of the wearer. In the end, the flounces appear like beautiful blossoms.

Of course, a sunny yellow orange nuance underlines the springlike and flowery association. Other designs are marked by minimalism when it comes to their color design. Black and white suffice to make you stand out, particularly if asymmetric flounces additionally adorn the dresses. The asymmetry is based on the irregular volume of the valances, but the asymmetric design also is emphasized by one protruding, big flounce which hugs the body.

The designs for the spring and summer 2014 truly will overwhelm you. It’s not only the sunny colors which make this collection look inviting. The couture itself which is marked by impressive flounces and flowery shapes is what makes this collection so magnificent. The label by Stéphane Rolland definitely seduces you in an elegant way.

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