If your home is full of garbage, because it’s full of stuff you actually do not need or use or even want, you should go to the flea market! Everyone knows the problems of flea markets in Berlin. They usually start when everyone is still sleeping. You have to pay annoying fees for your stalls. You have to register before you can even sell your stuff … and this is what you probably always forget to do. Yeah, a flea market can be really nerve-jangling. But there is one flea market which stands out. The flea market at the Gelegenheiten e.V. in Neukölln will show us a different side on May 30.

The market will open at 8pm (!), which is perfect for night owls! This Nachtflohmarkt (Engl. nocturnal flea market) is the most relaxing one amongst all Berliner flea markets. Here, you can sell your stuff without having to register, without having to pay fees and without any pressure, but with loads of friendly people and beer!

Have fun!


May 30 / 8pm
Gelegenheiten e.V.
Weserstraße 50
12046 Berlin

Copyright and Source: http://www.gelegenheiten-berlin.de/ and http://www.gratis-in-berlin.de/component/flexicontent/26-schatztruhe/2015338-nachtflohmarkt-in-den-gelegenheiten