The label Majique guarantees you one thing: It makes sure that every jewelry it creates represents an individual statement. Many details contribute to an amazing eye-catching effect, no matter whether it comes to necklaces, bracelets or rings. “Details” in this case don’t only include many romantic ornaments, but I’m also referring to the richness of materials, alloys and multi-faceted shapes which determine the unique look.

Metal in silver and gold are paired with exciting neon colors and therefore receive an unprecedented expressive power. The pieces of jewelry are available in a voluminous, broad, long, pompous or discreet, slim, delicate or feminine design. The intense and expansive selection definitely has a fitting piece in store for everyone. However, the hallmarks of the brand still remain in the design of each and every item.

Studs or owls, wings or captions conveying messages mark the designs, that turns the pieces into a unique gift for your loved ones for instance. They also let you shine bright and give your outfit something eye-catching.

The brand which stands for expressiveness and the courage to be different was founded in Australia in 2007. This year, Majique presents its latest designs in May on the Sydney Fashion Weekend. Who loves jewelry, definitely can’t miss out on the beautiful pieces by this label.

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