Hello fellow beauty lovers.

„Royals” singer Lorde announced her upcoming collaboration with MAC Cosmetics via Twitter. Citizens of the USA are lucky to see the results of such an amazing pairing on June  5th and I personally cannot wait for the products to launch in Europe. Lorde’s signature look is mysterious as well as incredibly sexy. I love it.

lorde 2

Though there aren’t many details on the collaboration available, we can look forward to two officially confirmed products out of the range. There will be an updated version of the Penultimate Eye Liner in “Rapidblack” and a dark lipstick, named after her first debut album “Pure Heroine”. Those two products are essential for Lorde’s signature look: An expressive winged eye liner and a deep dark lipstick.

I am sure that the response to this collaboration will be just as crazy as it was with the Rihanna Collection. I will of course stay tuned. You should as well.

This is definitely a HOT for the Lorde x MAC collab. I am looking forward to more details.

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Lana Hoang


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