Thomas Ott (born in Zurich, 10 July 1966) is a Swiss illustrator, graphic artist and cartoonist. His comics are known all over the world and are not only sold in Europe, but also in the U.S.. There’s a reason for it! They are simply amazing!

He doesn’t write stories about heroes or epic sagas. Everyday life events aren’t his subject either. His stories consist of black humor, darker than hell. Drawn short stories whose endings can be roughly guessed. And then, there’s the twist of the plot, which is so breathtaking!

You don’t even really want to love, because every laughter could lead to losing a part of your own soul until you’re as black as the stories themselves. The comics are of course carved in black-and-white. You won’t find any grey shades, only pure contrasts.

I recommend “R.I.P. Best of 1985-2004!













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