The label La Miniatura  brings fashion for kids to the Fashion Week in Austin, Texas. I’ve already talked about the boys’ looks, now I’m going to show you the outfits for the little fashionistas, which make Jeffrey Sebelia’s show crucial!

The girls’ look resembles the newest trends of the adults’ fashion. Chic, tapered dresses, batik shorts or high-low skirts are absolutely trendy. This similar style is intended and makes the outfits unique. However, there are also statement colors and crazy prints that stir fashionable  children’s blood.

This collection makes it possible to be as elegant as mommy, to live the hippie look or to be like urban hipsters. A combination of elegant, chic, adult as well as childlike, colorful and wild is developed. The symbiosis creates the thrilling look for little princesses.

From the rocker to the designer – Jeffrey Sebelia has had an exciting career. After the success of his rock band, he discovered his real passion in fashion. Originally, he created fashion for adults. However, after his children were looking for the right outfits, he got the idea of creating the right look for kids. Now, he does this job very successfully.

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