Now, I’m going to introduce the label “Artsu”. Its name reflects its wonderful and unique fashion, which is entirely surrounded by art. Basic shirts and trendy tank tops in black, white and grey are the basis of the designs.

The wild prints for real bad boys and rockers are breathtaking and are made for every fashionable man who has already found his own style. Hence, the prints are very versatile: skulls and feathers, the red fierce sun or a triangle decorate the tops. These are only a few of many motifs, often available in black or white and sometimes colored. They are then combined with some baggy jeans or the timeless skinny jeans, and complete your casual look.

I’m not the only one who is impressed by the newest t-shirts. Motifs such as skulls and triangles are designed in such a sophisticated and detailed way that they become indispensable. My favorite piece is the tank top with the delicately created skull. The negative design is completed with rainbow colors and can’t be missing in the fashion world!

The rocking, light and youthful style of all tops make this label one of my favorites. With the help of Artsu’s t-shirts every man can refine his casual outfit the way he likes, and he will definitively stand out with it!

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