MALA & MAD is a creative network, which consists of a group of friends who really care about the world. This innovative label was founded because of a social aspect. One part of the money is sent to children who have to live on the streets. You can do something beneficial and social, and at the same time, you can look amazing!

The designers connect the street art with the fashion. Different graffiti works, but also art works of famous street art artists are mirrored on the scarves. There are no limits for the designs! The designers use all kinds of styles. Hence, their creations never become boring. MALA & MAD is constantly surprising us with new styles; and fun colors can’t be missing!

The looks change with the season. All kinds of themes are captured in the designs. There we have the scarf with the sign of anarchy in a bold red shade, or the scarf in the Bavarian style, which was exclusively made for the “Oktoberfest”.

Hippie, punk, graffiti and images – you will always find your perfect accessory. I’m sure MALA & MAD is the right address when it comes to scarves!

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