The Korean cuisine is a culinary terrain which is still quite unknown to many Europeans. This indeed is a pity because the Korean food culture can definitely be considered a treasure in the domain of Asian cooking which no gourmet should miss. If you want to get a tasty insight into the Korean cuisine, then I truly recommend the probably most popular Korean restaurant in Berlin to you : Yam Yam which is located near Rosa-Luxemburg.Platz.

“Bulgogi? Does it have anything to do with bulgur?” or “Bibimbap? Sounds like the sounds an electronic gadget is making”, can be heard coming from the table next to ours. They probably have never eaten Korean. This is exactly why they made the right choice going to Yam Yam. The food served at this establishment is in no way authentic. Koreans just like it spicier and hotter, they love their fermented Chinese cabbage smellier … I mean… more aromatic and in general a Korean wouldn’t be all too satisfied with Yam Yam’s implementation of Korean cuisine. Nonetheless, I am convinced that the Yam Yam is an excellent location if you just want to get to warm towards Korean cooking. Yam Yam offers all important typically Korean dishes. A main dish costing roughly 8 Euros, this restaurant is not cheap, but it’s not expensive either considering Berlin norms. A friendly and bright interior, polite and helpful waitresses, you really can’t complain.

Well, I generally love Korean food which indeed has many parallels to Japanese cuisine. The beautiful colors, the wonderfully and carefully arranged food and intensive flavors, the meaty delicacies and the Koreans’ love for BBQ definitely turn a simple dinner with your friends into a little culinary adventure. Well, only the Kimchi might not be to everyone’s liking….

Yam Yam 
Address: Alte Schönhauser Straße 6, 10119 Berlin
Telephone Number/ Reservations: 030 24632485
Opening Hours: 12:00-00:00

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