In 2009, shoe brand GIACOMORELLI was born. It’s the 28-year-old designer Giacomo Morelli who runs this label. Morelli found his love of fashion when he moved to Milan where he could figuratively breathe fashion and style. Milan is known for its exclusivity and it was this city which influenced Morelli’s future. Since 2010, his collections can be found worldwide.

His collections stand out with their innovative designs, high-quality fabrics and color combinations. The women’s selection offers a wide range of flats and high-heels. Many of them are embellished with cheeky spikes and studs. The whole look is then completed with crazy neon colors or by very structured but playful colorblocking elements. One of the shoes has a neon pink body and is embellished with a big silk bow. Another pair of high-heels has cut-out details and is completed with color combinations of fun, bold colors. But its most striking component is the sole which surely doesn’t let you slip with its gear-like form.

Also the men’s collection offers a selection of colorblocking elements. But this time, Morelli plays with elegance and classical designs and only makes use of earth tone colors. The result: an entire chic look. Some rocking pairs join the collection with their strong shades, animal prints, especially leopard prints, and also spikes and studs.

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