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Liron Peretz is a lifestyle photographer who focuses on fashion and events. The results often illustrate many interesting facets of city life and the people living in cities. Born in Tel Aviv, many of her photographs however are taken in Berlin. Is she slowly becoming a Berliner herself? It seems so. Liron Peretz nonetheless is more willing to inform us about the casting call of the designer Anna Gorke. Here, you get an insight into the works behind the photos, capturing the models in situations and moments when they often considered themselves unobserved.

Liron Peretz definitely has a way with snapshots, which is a talent which can be particularly observed in her Visual Diary. There Liron Peretz captures everything which she sees with her eyes on the streets of various metropolises. Berlin of course was given its personal chapter and gallery as well, which shows people who definitely have turned away from strict fashion rules. In Amsterdam, her talent to capture intense moments is especially remarkable.

But of course, Liron also ahs successful shootings in her portfolio: Adika and Solar Flair for instance. Both are probably devoted to summer, as the works are marked by soft colors, radiating a feeling of warmth. Furthermore you can find many humorous details in her photos, which definitely makes her even more likable.

Liron Peretz’ photos prove that her career is definitely not going to end soon. Her photos are inviting and full of emotions. Be it the heat of a fashion shooting or the oppressive feeling of a woman Liron met on the street – everything is captured in a photo, blessed with an unprecedented aesthetic aspect. Every moment is depicted in a way which lets the observer dive easily into the situation.

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