After preparing herself for 2,5 years, the freelance journalist and film maker Susanne Philipp traveled to Peru with a team consisting of four people in August, 2012. Fashionact Industries Inc. followed her actions.

Since the journey to Peru in August, a lot has happened. The adventure during with War Idun – the daughter of Kecizate Atahuallpa, the sachem of the Indian tribe Ashaninca – accompanied us was a real challenge for the entire team and influenced us to a great extent. The impressions which we could take home and the lovely people we met will always be present in our hearts. In addition, we also stumbled across many problems in this exotic country which pushed our project into another direction which we would like to deal with as well.

Since each team member is active in the media branch and has been wandering about in the glamour world for years filled with models, films, beauty and wealth, we couldn’t be more thankful for the important experience to meet people who live on the fringe of humankind. We met people who are being robbed of their habitat and homes just because of our greed for raw materials. These peoples suffer from the loss of their environment, culture and from pollution.The production has been completely funded with the help of our own capital, private investors and crowd funding. Of course, our un-paid enormous work input of the entire team contributed a lot to the implementation of our plans. Meant to be of a social purpose, the project was brought to life in order to draw the attention of Europeans to the interests of Peru’s indigenous peoples. We want to make Europe aware of the sadly little-known connection we have to the lives of the native tribes in Peru. Globalisation indeed has a very ugly face.

After returning to Germany, we encountered peace activists, environmentalists, aid groups and politicians including Hans Christian Ströbele from the German political party The Grünen to interviewing them in regard to this issue. In the end, many experts have given us their support to implement a very stirring documentary.

Fashionact Ind. Inc. has been standing behind this project from the very beginning. You can find more information on the film and the currently running financing phase on the crowd funding platform Startnext which we want to make use of in the second part of the post production in order to finish the movie.

Re really hope that we can find many supporters from all kinds of branches, who can aid us financially as well as giving us possibilities and platforms to share this and make as many people as possible aware of our project.

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We are really looking forward to your support and are thanking you with all our heart.

Susanne & the rest of the team

Ahnenland Peru