Luxurious and extravagant – Irish designer Pauric Sweeney is known for creating designer pieces that are sure to bring more excitement into your everyday life. Pauric Sweeney is an Irish designer who specializes in accessories, handbags to be specific. In his creations, he unifies tangibility and efficiency and is thus able to combine extravagance and elegance. His creations often boast colors and obvious details, yet he always succeeds in maintaining a level of sophistication that is simply fascinating.

The way he brings together different kinds of leather in different color schemes and finishes allows him to breathe life into his creations. If his designs float your boat, you’ll be happy to hear that the accompanying purses are just around the corner.

With Pauric Sweeny’s designs, you can be sure that your everyday life gets the splash of excitement you’ve always been hoping for.

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