When I think of the sailor look, the first brand that comes to my mind is Armor Lux. Their striped sweater is an integral part of the men’s and women’s collections, and the duffle coat, jacket, shirt and blouse also possess a thrilling sailor’s touch. Armor Lux loves and lives the timeless spirit of the maritime look. Their first fashion collection was launched in 1970, and even then it sported the same sailor style that it does today. As such, their logo depicts their iconic blue-and-white striped sweater.

As mentioned earlier, Armor Lux’s sailor sweater is a quintessential must-have for both women and men. Aside from the blue-and-white version, there are also other colour combinations, such as pink-and-black for the ladies, and grey-and-blue for the lads. The buttoned-up shoulder is typical of the sailor sweater, and stands proudly as Armor Lux’s trademark. Other pieces, such as the sailor shirts, maritime blouses and polo shirts further join the sailor sweater in its proud naval look.

Let’s move on and take a look at some matching outerwear. The sailor shirt is a sturdy windbreaker; the slash at the front dominates, and it can be buttoned or zipped close. The duffle coat for him and her also follows the maritime scheme, and bridges the elegance and casualness found at this label.

Further Info: www.armorlux.com