This festive nail look is perfect for this season and can be worn for occasions like halloween or thanksgiving.
You will only need a few products, as well as just a few steps to recreate this look.

Step 1: Apply a base coat to all of your nails.

Step 2: Next coat your nails with a metallic nude nail polish or a gold color. I am using the ‘Express Finish Pearl’ Nagellack by Maybelline in the color ’16FO01′ ‘.

Step 3: After the nail polish completely dried it’s time for the fun part: the glitter. Your will need two different colors of glitter: a bronze color and a gold color. Both glitter products are from the brand JolifinTo attach the glitter you will need a base coat. I am using a clear coat bySinful Colors Professional.
First apply the clear coat to the lower part of your nail. Then dunk your nails into the glitter while it’s still wet. Let it dry and remove the excess glitter.

Step 4: Repeat the step on the top part of your nails but use the gold glitter instead.

Step 5: Lastly apply the top coat all over your nails to seal your design and to protect the glitter from falling of.

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