Criminal Damage’s name reflects its products. If you prefer subtle looks, this might be the wrong address, because Criminal Damage means wild statement prints. An exciting, modern ensemble of innovative forms and bright colors defines the look of the garments.

Leopard prints and animal faces, geometric shapes, cartoon-style golden necklaces, stars, Cannabis leaves and much more can be found on these casual models. They are as trendy as their prints and strike out with their sporty and modern look. Straight t-shirts and boxy jackets, loose sweaters and tank tops are the label’s basic elements and are mixed with a range of extraordinary hats and caps.

Not only are you going to stand out with Criminal Damage’s products, but you can also prove your very individual style. You demonstrate your unique taste in an extroverted and wild way; and you’re also part of the big city’s crème de la crème of style. This charming, youthful style is combined with fresh quotes in a colorful, crazy and bright way.

Criminal Damage’s collection for spring and summer 2015 was also presented at the Bright Tradeshow in Berlin, which took place in July and which was definitively worth visiting.

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