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Clocks are an essential part of our everyday life. We look at them multiple times to find out what time it is. Sometimes we glance at them twice because we forgot what time it was just now. So why bother with a simple and ordinary clock on the wall?

The collection by endlichzuhause provides a variety of clocks which will put more life on your wall with beautiful, creative and iconic motives. Whether it’s Betty Boop, who is basically the very icon of every emancipated woman of the 30s, or the Route 66, a must-see for every tourist from all over the world, these clocks make you dream whenever you stare at the moving hands.


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The battery-powered quarz clockwork makes sure that the time is shown accurately and it’s being protected by a curved glass. The polished sheet metal casing gives the wall clock a historic look as well.

Diameter: 31cm

These classics are available in numerous versions for 29.95€ each on www.endlichzuhause.de .

Copyright: www.endlichzuhause.de