Morgan Herrin--untitled

Morgan Herrin is from Richmond, Virginia. After several apprenticeships in the artistic field, which were focused on sculpting, Morgan Herrin began to work with wood. He does not use ordinary wood, no! He recycles old wood pieces. Just like Michelangelo, who used an old marble block and sculptured David out of it. So Morgan followed his example and uses old wood to create artworks.

His sculptures appear surreal and almost creepy. Everything he creates, somehow adapts to the raw wood. Wood is a natural material and one never knows where it’s mold and where you’ll reach a hard core. However his work fascinates me!

There is a roman bust, from which corals grow out. It’s a knight inan armor and it seems to melt. Everything seem so organic because of the wood. If someone now says ”a sculpture has to be made out of marble to impress people”, this person should reconsider it. I’ll go to the park now and look for a dead tree to sculpt something out of it…