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Tina Patni is a fashion and accessory photographer headquartered in Dubai. She has been active in this branch for more than 10 years and therefore has already gained a lot of experiences. Receiving many jobs from international labels, she made herself a name and therefore became world-famous. That’s why the following motto probably describes her future best: “Fashion and more fashion!”

Her website is adorned with photos taken during shootings which took place in many different places and sets. International labels such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and many more do have different tastes and visions of fashion. Since she has done shootings for all these brands, you can safely assume that Tina Patni herself is very diverse and multi-faceted.

On one photo, a model is bending forward in front of a graffiti wall, looking into the camera as if she was daydreaming, while a necklace is hanging from and between her nose and her ear. The atmosphere is rather sinister and almost threatening. The next photo on the contrary seems to be made of cotton candy. The scenery shows a girl in ballet shoes and a sweet dress with flowers in her hair. She is sitting on a bed, whilst white lights next to her almost seem to be coming from a fantasy world.

I have to admit that even the cutest pictures are marked by something sinister and melancholic. This kind of oppressive feeling particularly stands out in the photos for the Diva Models calendar, where the models become marionettes, hovering in the air, held by strings which are tied around the arms and legs. The photos of a woman from the countryside for the cover of the Noi.Se magazine too succeed in drawing us under their spell.

Tina Patni puts all her love and passion into her work. You can tell by merely looking at her photos that she is always extremely patient and appreciates professional models a lot, guiding them with a helping hand in order to create perfect photos.

Copyright and Source: www.tinapatni.com