“Blind” Movie Screening at 50 United Nations Plaza – A Private Glimpse in to the Life of the Super Rich

New York City is the greatest movie set in the world, being invited to a private movie screening that embodies both the glamour of the Hollywood silver screen in combination with the ultimate luxury location is a monumental point in life and a person’s dream fantasy. 

Since the “Made in NY” movie initiative began, offering tax credits to filmmakers and production companies, New York’s film industry has become the strongest it’s been in history. With a record number of film crews scouting locations in the city daily, the crown jewel is a $70 million duplex penthouse located at 50 United Nations Plaza, on the corner of 1st avenue and 46th street in Midtown East. Designed by the award winning architects Foster + Partners and developed by Zeckendorf Development and Global Holdings, and completed in 2015, the luxury building with just 88 apartments has already become an iconic address and its penthouse being featured in the new movie “Blind”. The duplex penthouse occupies the top two floors of the 43-story building, has four bedrooms plus staff quarters for a total of 9,700 square feet of interior living space. This ultimate luxury apartment also features a north facing 525-square-foot terrace, and a 10,000-pound stainless steel spiral staircase that leads up to the 43rd floor, where the 325-foot ipe wood deck surrounds the 30-foot pool which is easily accessible through the master bedroom sitting area or the media room and are all featured in the new movie.

The film, Blind is a romantic thriller set in New York City and directed by Michael Mailer, gives us a glimpse into the life of the Manhattan elite and their luxury lifestyle. Alec Baldwin, one of the main characters, loses his sight after a fatal car accident that also takes his wife’s life. While still in a deep depression and filled with grief over his spouse, he meets a Manhattan socialite at his care center, portrayed by Demi Moore, who ends up falling in love with him and reigniting his passion for life and writing. Demi Moore plays the quintessential NYC trophy wife who loves her enormous penthouse and her glittering oversized diamond ring enough to overlook all the illegal and callous acts her Wolf of Wall Street husband played by Dylan McDermott had to commit in order to provide her heart’s desire. The new love birds’ relationship is very rocky from the start, but eventually they both grow fond of each other and later develop deep feelings of passion and a love affair while the husband is incarcerated for insider trading. Ultimately the socialite must decide between a lavish, yet unsatisfying marriage and her new found love. Things get seriously perilous when her husband is released from prison and finds out about her extramarital activities.

Previewing the brand new movie on location was a very special experience, especially when the shots of the beautiful apartment appeared on the screen. It was exhilarating to have a glimpse into the behind the scenes and the day to day of business people we meet in NYC and rub elbows with on a daily basis. The private life of the super rich has always been a black box for the public eye, but being on “set” gave one a neighborly feeling that they live right next to you. New York City is truly a magical place where all your dreams can come true, just be careful from where you get the funding to sponsor this luxury lifestyle.

Link to the movie trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ws0ySFgq1A4