We departed for the trip roughly around noon, from the Beekman Tower Apartments located on 1st Avenue and East 49th Street. Our rented vehicle of choice was a Nissan SUV, an economic and inexpensive car with unlimited miles.
Our first day’s journey took us through a number of states, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois covering roughly around 800 miles total. We decided to stop and rest close to the city of Chicago, Illinois.

The overnight stay near a Chicago rest area was very pleasant, the hotel cost us $100 dollars for the room with two separate beds and enough space for two people. The night flew by quickly, after 5 hours of sleep, we embarked on the rest of our 1000 mile distance keeping true to our original schedule.
The route of the second day took us through Iowa, Nebraska and finally to Denver, Colorado, our first stop of the day. When we arrived in Denver towards nightfall, driving a total of 1800 miles in only one and a half days, our spirits were high and we didn’t feel too terribly tired.

One of the biggest factors contributing to the difficulty of driving in America was the speed limit, which made the trip quite soporific. At maximum speeds of 80 miles an hour, we had to stop every 5 hours to refill our tank. Our salvation laid in upbeat music stations and in keeping heavily concentrated on the highway road.

Upon our arrival in Denver, we walked around the downtown city center for about an hour to stretch out our legs.
We spent the second night in Denver. After getting enough sleep and a hearty breakfast we embarked on the final 500 miles left to get to Roswell, New Mexico.
We could feel the sun blazing and the heat getting stronger while driving towards Roswell across the long state of Colorado.
As we crossed the border to New Mexico, we encountered a completely different landscape with practically no rest areas and minimal human settlements, only long stretches of highway going through mountains and isolated terrain.

The state of New Mexico with a population of 2.8 million people is almost as big as the country of Germany.
The weather in New Mexico seemed to be very unstable and crazy. Drastic changes in climate were common, jumping from 40 degree celsius heat to sudden dark skies and rainy clouds within just a few minutes. While driving through the mountains we even stumbled upon a unbelievably strong hailstorm, which covered the road white for 2 miles and was much thicker than a typical snowstorm.

Due to the strength of the hailstorm we had to make an emergency stop at a gas station to protect our car and not get into a car accident.

After driving for another 2 hours under heavy rain we were finally close to our final destination of Roswell, New Mexico.
Once we arrived to the city of Roswell, we stopped at the first gas station we saw and asked the attendant’s recommendations about overnight accommodations. It was immediately evident that the whole city of Roswell was obsessed with aliens and catered well to the alien tourists, the locals at the gas station even told us to watch out and be careful not be kidnapped by the extraterrestrials during our visit.
Within the first hour of our stay in Roswell, we could see that everyone knew that the UFO crash of 1947 really did happen, everyone was a believer. We luckily were able to book a hotel room and asked the receptionist about the festival and where the main party was taking place. In the small town of Roswell (50,000 inhabitants) the UFO party was not difficult to find. A large portion of the main street was blocked for the celebration very similarly to a folk festival with a number of sales stands packed with alien souvenirs.
Even the kids were wearing alien T-Shirts while the adults were hungrily consuming tacos, just like one would imagine during an alien folk festival.

Apartment in Roswell