In fashion a suit tie is considered to be the epitome of masculinity and success. However, if one rarely sports this article of clothing, it could be a tedious task perfecting tying a good tie knot. How can one overcome this hurdle without any help, while still coming out looking sharp? What is the key to successfully wearing a tie?

The first step in the tying process is to determine the desired length of tie. How far should the tie extend? And how can one achieve this task succesfully in a few simple steps? As a general rule the widest part of the tie should extend roughly to the upper edge of your leather belt. The tip of the narrow end should be positioned slightly higher. This is where the saying “practice makes perfect” kicks in, daily exercise of tying the tie can help you truly understand the right ratio and measurements that work best for you. The more inquisitive of gentlemen can find additional information and video details:

Variety of Tie Knots

The second hardest part is deciding on the right tie knot for the occasion. In fact, there are more than 80 different available versions of knots to chose from, making it initially a pretty daunting task to narrow down. If you hardly have any experience tying a tie, it’s best to start off with a few basic knot options such as the Four-In-Hand knot and the classic Windsor. In both cases, the wide end of the tie is twisted around the narrow end, creating an adjustable loop. This helps regulate the tie to your desired length, and fine-tunes the knot for the perfect overall image.

Simple Colors are King 

The color of the tie is really subject to one’s fashion interpretation and color preference. The current tie trends rely heavily on monochromatic color schemes, which are most impressive when displayed in dark tones and are complimentary to most if not all suit types. Multi-colored ties are a dying trend, where striped ties in combination with plaid shirts are a big fashion faux pas. Equally unimpressive are ties with logos and seasonal motifs. If you stick to these tips and tricks, you should not have any issues looking sharp.


At the end of the day, there are a number ways that can lead to the path of successfully tying a tie. If you are more adventurous feel free to try more complex designs and color combinations. For the beginners, its best to stick to simple color variations and practice daily. Good luck!