Berlin Fashion Week has just passed and the stars, bloggers and, of course the most successful influencers have joined together to form an event.

The next Fashion Marathon is already on the doorstep! The New York Fashion Week in September 2017: one month, the city is transformed into a fashion catwalk. The beginning is always like New York: We still remember the New York Fashion Week Autumn / Winter 2017 in February. Between the catwalks and the snowstorm, Fashion Week visitors had to walk from show to show in the Big Apple at arctic temperatures in thick winter dresses.

Of course we will also report this year live from the Fashion Week and ask ourselves, what is actually stylish in New York?


She is not only a well-known New York IT girl, but also a founder and CEO of Glossier. With over 250,000 subscribers, she is one of New York’s top influencers. Her style: less make-up, jeans, cool boots and a casual coat.


The beautiful New Yorker is a digital art director at Barneys New York. Her style is casual and yet it looks incredibly cool on every picture!


From the fashion-conscious blogger we can learn a lot about fashion! Whether in a chic blazer, a flowered summer shirt or a cozy wool coat, this woman can wear everything and she knows how to put it into the scene. So, if you are looking for something more unusual styles, check out Margaret for lots of fashion inspiration!


Lange Kleider, luftige Röcke und ganz viel Spitze. Das sind die Styles, welche dir auf ihrem Instagram Account direkt ins Auge fallen. Wer sonst also eher cool und sacual gekleidet ist, findet hier die richtige Inspo für einen verträumten New York City Girl Look!