After a two-week orientation phase and the first social contacts, the phase of finding or self-discovery begins. Where do I train, where do I drink my beer in the evening, to which bars I go to meet friends and where to go to eat nicely again.

I agree with a manager of a big, well-known watch brand. We understood each other well and met in a small bar on 2nd Avenue. As New York insider, I commission them to introduce me to an absolute “in” restaurant. Your choice falls toTao, located between Park and Madison Avenue, where a creative, Asian cuisine is served.


Arrived at Tao, I am fascinated: already of the reception area and the entrance are luxurious and impressive. The restaurant itself is reached over several floors on a staircase.

The atmosphere is bombastic, club music, house and electric is playing. The audience is young and well dressed. There are strikingly many good-looking people here, you feel comfortable, the whole restaurant makes you feel an extremely positive energy!

The prices are typically New York Upper Class:


After a small starter, two friends of my companion join us at the table. Both girls are here regular guests and they often spend their evenings in the Tao.


After a brief introduction, I immediately notice that German men have a good reputation among New York women. The speculative idea of the two girls, an invitation to dinner, I would rather not follow. A dinner for four people with main course and dessert, including tip, are priced at the Tao at 550-650 $!

My companion quickly explains to me that it is a good thing in New York to go out with several women for dinner. Her two friends still stayed at the table, but payed their own bill. They understand that I will limit myself to one woman tonight.