As a German newcomer in the US, we are naturally thinking about how things are going now with the new President Donald Trump. Are the two camps, the Trump supporters and the Trump opponents really as hard against each other as it looks after media reports Yesterday there was the big demo in New York, how will the Trump opponents respond if you are in the middle of the event as a Trump supporter ? To find out what it really looks like in America, I bought an original Donald Trump T-shirt three days ago at the Trump Tower, with the intention of carrying it to the Anti Trump demo. We started our project directly in front of our front door on 49 Street 1th Avenue, at one of the numerous Trump Tower at 13:33 hours.

OK, let’s go! Am I going through thousands of Trump’s enemies without being hurt ? For security, I still ask an NYPD police officer quickly: is that OK ? what I am doing?

He just shook his head, with the remark, that it is my own risk. After the first few meters with mixed feelings I realized, up to a few angry looks, I am neither attacked nor attacked by the opponents. After running at least 3 hours and 15 km through the demo in Manhattan, we have to realize that this is more like a big folk festival. The sausages stands and Starbucks coffees are full of people. Many colorful, funny, as well as sarcastic posters deal with Trump. There is no aggression here, and there is no trace of civil war-like conditions. At the end of the demo you can find posters and signs put together in many places. Tourists are looking for the best and most original posters and take them home as a souvenirs.

This demo in New York certainly had an effect: sales of the retailers rose enormously this Saturday afternoon and everyone had fun! Donald boosts sales in New York, even without propagating it before !!