After just 30 minutes taxi ride we arrived at the apartment. A huge tower, with a noble entrance hall. Downstairs we were greeted warmly by the staff and given the keys to our condo. A huge living room on the 16 floor overlooking half Manhattan. From the bed you can look directly at the river- dreamlike! Unfortunately, there is only one huge bed and guess who sleeps in it? Well, the couch is also quite comfortable …

Of course we made pictures of our apartment for you before it was taken over by our many shoes and clothes. By the way, Frank has more than twice as many shoes as I have in the closet.

That I may ever experience something like this !

At about 9pm, we both fell exhausted in bed and got up again at 5 o’clock. The jet lag is more noticeable than I thought at first. So we had at least enough time to take care of the job in the morning and then explore the neighborhood. Lesson of the first day: never wear high shoes in New York! We walked about 10km through the streets, with rain and no umbrella. At the red light, I was also talked directly to an American: “Can I give you my umbrella?” His eyes looked so starring at me, however, so eagerly that I quickly ran behind Frank’s shadow. In the next telephone shop, we then got first two prepaid cards and could talk the nice seller from 180 dollars to only 100 dollar. We felt like at a Turkish bazaar in Wedding. But after all, directly saved 80 dollars!

Totally starved and soaked from top to bottom Fashion Franky and I then put ourselves in a small Bikersbar and ordered a Margarita. Unfortunately the waitress had no pizza, but alcohol, in the head and so I got served already at 13 clock my first cocktail. Of course on the house!

In order not to strain the company costs too much, we went to a small supermarket. Anyone who now thinks Edeka or Kaisers would already be expensive, had never been foodshopping in New York. A pack of cheese 6 dollars! A pack of Sokko 5.50 dollars! Butter 4 dollars! And so I turned this morning short hand into a small housewife and prepared fashion Franky and me a small breakfast.

I think I may still be elected as the employee of the month.

New York Breakfast