British Airways

Meeting point 12 am – Berlin Tegel. With packed suitcases and an excited feeling in the belly, I have already waited 2 hours before departure at the airport for Fashion Franky. And waited, and waited. Franky arrived at the airport 5 minutes before the gate would have cloesd the flight, quite relaxed, wearing sunglasses and as always dressed in black.

Of course, we were once again the last ones who have entered the plane, but the best comes, as is well known, at the end! Finally in London chaos took its course. Actually, we had 3 hours to get on the plane to New York, but fate did not want us to fly. First the plane from Berlin came too late to London, then we were sent to the wrong terminal and finally the plane left without us up in the air.



So while I had already half of a nervous breakdown, Fashion Franky calmed medown again. How does he always say ? Nothing in life happens by chance. So we checked in at a comfortably 4 star hotel near the airport, we had a drink at the bar and amused us about the English people . Age average in the hotel 60+, I would say: All eyes on us!

In the morning we took the taxi back to the airport and booked the next flight to New York. 17:15 then it finally started with the real adventure. 3 movies and feeling like 10 meals later we finally landed in New York. What an indescribable feeling to look down from the window at the city, of thousands of lights and meter-high buildings. We were barely 10 minutes on American soil, as the flight staff already wished us a beautiful Honeymoon trip. I think New York will love us!