Everybody experienced the phenomenon of craving for additional carbs during winter. While most people feel like eating more raw fruits and vegetables during summer, the meals almost cannot be hearty enough during low temperature months.

We not only decide to eat different meals in the winter, often times we also find ourselves eating larger meals more frequently. The explanation of this is surprisingly simple: The colder it is, the more energy our body burns to keep us warm. And the best way to acquire energy still remains through carbs.
Furthermore, one has to consider the psychological effect winter has on us due to limited opportunities and ways for us to spend our time. We miss the sun, the spontaneity, and the ease of the warmer months – all of this has to be compensated somehow. Because we tend to become more inactive due to all that darkness and cold, we often times simply end up eating more.

Nevertheless, we are capable of breaking those exact patterns: Regular exercise outside, even though if you only go for a walk, improves circulation dramatically. And for those you seemingly can’t overcome their patterns and are permanent hungry, at least try to stick to nutritious foods.