German climate can be quite annoying at times. So if you’ve got the time and the money, why not head off into the south? But where exactly should you travel to?

How about the Canary Islands? Fuerteventura, Lanazarote, and Gran Canaria attract travelers each year by their mild climate, huge beaches, and an extraordinarily diversified nature. But in case you would like to see more than only one island, though, you should consider going to Southeast Asia instead. Tropical climate, breath-taking nature, and all kinds of cultures merge at destinations like Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, or in a country of their close-by neighbors. Due to quite expensive flight tickets and a probable jetlag, you should consider staying at least 2 weeks.

But if you neither have the time for a tropical adventure, nor the necessary money to afford such a trip, Egypt is an surprisingly underrated destination. With about 23°C, even in winter, you can easily visit all the historical and cultural landmarks of Egypt. Enjoy the sun at the Red Sea and experience Egyptian culture first-hand.