The provocative pictures of British photographer Rankin are well-known around the world – from the most prestigious top models towards musicians like David Bowie or Queen – Rankin had already all in front of the lens. Now, star photographer Rankin enters a new terrain: fragrances. In collaboration with the award-winning niche perfumer Azzi Glasser of “The Perfumer’s Story”, he developed a perfume for men and women. The unisex fragrance “S & X” captivates, among other things, with notes such as leather, pepper, incense on jasmine and Early Gray – a true fragrance cocktail.

“I’ve always wanted to work on a perfume, a scent,” Rankin said. “I have certainly met Azzi one hundred times, in some way it was like working with the family.”

The perfume is meant to express constant desire and lust. For Rankin, the fragrances are like his photographs: provocative, fearless and wild. “S & X by Rankin” reflects the character of the photographer who has been completely transferred to this fragrance.

Under the direction of the provocative photographer, a video clip was created to match the perfume with seductive images. The core of the story is the touch of two bodies and the beauty of feeling skin on skin feel. The main actors are George Admiral and Joy Corrigan.

From the 1st of December Rankin’s perfume creation “S & X” is available in selected boutiques or via Net-a-porter.com.

More info: theperfumersstory.com