(Prada Fall/Winter Campaign 2015)

We all recall some time when we used to talk about the clothing someone else was wearing because we perceived it as off, odd, or unusual. This process of evaluation is deeply rooted in our behavior, which is why we all found ourselves being rude to someone else just by the way they dressed. “What are you wearing?!” has become a quite often asked question nowadays.

The same question could come up when looking at various collections from Miuccia Prada: full of colors, a wild mix of different patterns, odd-looking shoes, and unconventional contrasts – but this is exactly the reason why so many It-Girls, celebrities, and influencers end up in Milan every year again and again. In 2004, Vogue-Queen Anna Wintour told Miuccia: “You’re the only reason why I return to Milan every time.”

Since Miuccia Prada inherited the family business from her mother in 1978 , Miuccia has been developing and expanding the business to one of the most influencial and successful fashion labels. In the 1990s, Prada had been able to elevate itself to new heights by showing off their uniqueness, its talent to be different and extraordinary. In the course of distinguishing themselves from other labels, the term “Prada-Ugly” started to appear to describe Prada’s innovations in fashion. Prada’s chief designer put it like that: “Ugliness is attractive, it’s exciting. Maybe because it’s something new and unfamiliar.”

When Miuccia Prada started off, she recalls: “Fashion was the last place a left-winged feminist would have loved to be involved in during that time.” That’s why her “ugly” design can be considered as a kind of revolutionary thought to pay tribute to the left-winged feminism. Even though she always aims to maintain a sense of feminism being portraited in her fashion, Muiccia Prada tries to stay true to her traditional way of expression. Prada’s Fall/Winter campaign of 2015 (see above) is a great example for her inventive talent: mostly maintaining traditions, but still courageous enough to second-guess current beauty ideologies. Amazement is definitely part of Prada’s shows; there’s always another, a new way, to interpret and present the famous “Prada-Ugly”.

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