kostja Kostja Ullmann (www.kostja-ullmann.de)

Since David Beckham stepped onto the world stage, the trend of metrosexual men has become common nowadays. Frankly, men do not need to be bearded, grumpy, muscular, and without any sense of fashion anymore. Today, it is allowed, or even liked to be seen, when men not only know how to dress in style, but also know how to nourish their body the right way. It’s not only about taking a shower on a regular basis; it is increasingly more about a good understanding of how to use specific skin-care and beauty products.
What used to be considered as “gay” or as vain, is now a part of most men’s everyday life.

GQ, a magazine for men, anually nominates the most fastidiously groomed man of Germany. After Stephan Luca and Ken Duken have been honored to hold this title the last 2 years, 1 year each, Kostja Ullmann has now been named the most well-groomed man of Germany. The 31-year old says that he would feel uncomfortable without using his beauty products on a daily basis.

The jury, including designer Guido Maria Kretschmer and actor Tom Wlaschiha (Game of Thrones), also rated products from categories „Face“, Body & Hair“, „Shave“ and „Scent“.

The issue of metrosexuality does make some men a little insecure, though. Is it not manly to use body lotion? Will I be considered weak, or will I be seen as a show-off? As long as men do not spend more time in the bathroom than their partners, it’s perfectly fine.

Nevertheless, where this cliché originates, stays mostly unclear. Since WWII, the image of a man has dramatically changed: a man goes to a factory, not to the spa – he was not supposed to look good, he was meant to work accordingly. This has definitely changed up until now.

Like Kostja Ullmann said during an interview: “Self-regard is a very positive thing to me; it automatically includes taking care of my body as well.”

We can agree on that statement: A well-groomed man never chased a woman away.