“Seafood is the future”

“What do we want to eat in the future?” this research question by nutrition expert Hanni Rützler bases on the next “Food” trends in the near future. Seafood is becoming increasingly popular, but the over-fishing of some sea animals undoubtedly limits its availability. Artificial aqua cultures could be a solution to this problem, as the controlled cultivation of seafood would ensure a steady stock of seafood by the farmers of aqua cultures. Seaweed has a big potential in becoming a trending food in the near future, it is rich in protein and roughage and has little fat and calories.



Local and seasonal food is immensely popular with many people,  in contrary to that a new trend called “Beyond Food” is getting increasingly popular. This trend focuses on replicating food in new shapes like “vegan cheese or vegan meat”. Major players in the food industry and fast food chains are already catering to this new trend to attract this new customer base.



Fresh and homemade food is a trend that is still going strong with many people, cooking together is a creative and social process that many of us enjoy. Many people do not have the time or skill to cook tasty homemade food. Innovative and time sparing cooking tools, as well as Ready-to-cook packages including a recipe and the ingredients to cook the recipe are becoming increasingly popular as well.