To archive a perfect look you always need an amazing styling as well. But luckily this can be so easy for boho lovers! While the boho make-up is very light and simple, the hair can be styled in a more exiting way. Okay, you shouldn’t go crazy on colors or cuts but who says that a hippie mane can’t make heads turn?

The styling is pretty simple. Of course you gotta work with what you got- if you’re blessed with long, wavy hair then I guess you’re the winner. Otherwise the curling iron is your best friend! If you prefer long waves or crazy curls, it’s really up to you. Both ways work fantastically for the boho look.

Boho means freedom and a carefree lifestyle, so don’t bother too much about styling your hair to the fullest. A messy hairdo is one of the best choices, but messy doesn’t mean scruffy! Try a messy bun for example, the easy hairdo totally says “I just woke up but still look bomb”. Perfectly imperfect, we love it! Messy hairstyles create a feeling of an easing going lifestyle which fits to the boho life like to no other.

It doesn’t matter if you wear your hair up in a bun or if you let it fall down on your shoulders, with a few accessories you’ll turn yourself into a true boho queen! Why not try adding a flower crown to your look or go for a casual hat? Check out more inspo below!