Summer’s back! Nature is blossoming and we finally find back to yourselves. Everything seems to go well again, everything but your skin? Well, don’t worry, we got something for you- a homemade lavender facial toner.

While looking through the website www.kosmetik-vegan.de I stumbled upon this genius recipe which is not only very simple but also totally effective.

For this toner you only need three ingredients, how easy is that?! Of course you’ll need a bunch of lavender, a big jar and your favorite vinegar like for example apple vinegar.

To create your own toner you have to put the lavender into the glass and fill it up with vinegar. Pretty easy, right? Just make sure that the vinegar goes all the way up and covers the whole lavender. Close the gar carefully and put it in the sunlight. Now you gotta be patient. Wait two till six weeks but while waiting, shake the glass once a day. Now you’re done! Well, almost. The lavender vinegar is still too strong for your skin, so you have to mix it with some water before using it as a toner. One part lavender vinegar and five to ten parts water should be fine but you have to try it out for yourself what works for your skin.

For more information about the recipe and about the advantages of lavender, look here: www.kosmetik-vegan.de.