Makeup Look by Matty Parks

Jeffree Star is known for his unique personality and his crazy charisma. According to himself, his brand is not meant for the average girl next door because the colors are bright, unique and creative. Especially his Liquid Lipsticks are considered the best on the beauty market, helping him establish his huge success. Here are the craziest Liquid Lipstick colors that you will find at Jeffree Star Cosmetics:

  1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This vibrant turquoise is simply unique and will look beautiful with a Smokey Eye. Although it may not be for everyone, you can use the Liquid Lipsticks by Jeffree Star as an eyeliner or as a color for Lip Art.

  1. Blow Pony

This beautiful color is a neon pastel lavender, which you will definitely not see every day. It suits all skin tones and looks particularly good with black or white clothing.

  1. Drug Lord

Of all Liquid Lipsticks this is certainly the most unique. Jeffree Star is the first beauty creator to have incorporated a white Liquid Lipstick into his line. And the color is not as useless as it may seem: Even ordinary looks can benefit from this. You can use the color, either for brightening other shades or mixing new colors. Even as an eyeliner, this covering white is super useful.

Image 1: ©Instagram @matty_parks