Eye shadow may be challenging for some, but it is more easily done than it looks. As long as you own the right brushes, they will pretty much do the work for you and you will get a professional-looking eye makeup. Here are the most necessary brushes you should always have when applying makeup:

  1. Blending Brush

The blending of your eye shadow is probably the most important step in the application of makeup. With the right brush, such as the ‚Luxe Soft Definer’ by Zoeva, your transition will look a lot smoother and you will only have to move the brush back and forth.

  1. Flat Shader

To apply eyeshadow to the entire eyelid or under the brow bone, a Flat Shader Brush is the best friend you can have. Shimmering eye shadows will look more pigmented and leave a more foiled effect. The ‚Medium Oval Shadow’ brush by Morphe Brushes is on top synthetic aka. vegan friendly.

  1. Pencil Brush

This small, dense brush is ideal for details. It reaches places like the lower lash line and spreads the eyeshadow precisely. The ‚E30S’ by Sigma is the best one and will be a long-lasting friend with the right care.

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