We waited so long and know we find ourselves in the middle of it: Summer always seems to come slowly and then all at once. Are you also more than surprised that it is july already?

It’s time for appreciating the warmest seasons, it’s time to enjoy it to the fullest. What that means in particular is up to you. Maybe for you it means dancing like there’s no tomorrow on music festivals, maybe it means sunbathing on a beach holiday or maybe it simply means relaxing in your local park. Whatever you’re up to this summer, a nice outfit makes summer even more lovely and enjoyable. If you like what you’re wearing, you feel better, that’s the simple truth. And often we don’t even need that much to create a wonderful look that brings a smile to our faces.

Of course you’ll need accessories, as the little things often count the most.

This first summer accessory that comes to every mind surely are sunglasses. We like keeping things simple and relay on quality which we can trust. No wonder we love Ray Ban so much. Theses glasses come in a wonderful bright sunset color, making your view even prettier.

Super cute and super useful is this  make up bag by Jaded London. The playful Design made us fall for it for sure!

And things keep getting cuter! This hair clips by ASOS create a sweet girly look. Of course they are also listed in ASOS’s sale so be sure to look by for getting the deal!