MAC eyeshadows are definitely a fairly expensive treat. Nevertheless, you can’t deny the fact that MAC offers beautiful eyeshadow colors that us girls simply can’t resist. Thanks to the advanced makeup market, there are now enough brands that sell eyeshadows to a better price and even better quality. Makeup Geek is one of these brands and is therefore one of America’s fastest growing newcomer makeup companies. Here are three beautiful MAC Eyeshadow Dupes that you should only purchase at Makeup Geek from now on:

1. MAC ‚Expensive Pink’ vs  MUG ‚Cosmopolitan’

‚Expensive Pink is considered one oft he most popular eye shadows by MAC. The pink based eyeshadow has a golden shimmer that makes the color not only perfect for a night time look but also for your daily routine. Makeup Geek’s ‚Cosmopolitan’ however, is a lot more pigmented and looks even more shimmery on the eyes.

2. MAC ‚Beauty Marked’ vs MUG ‚Drama Queen’

Purple looks beautiful on brown eyes and is perfect for a smokey eye look. The two shades by MAC and MUG are identical in color and finish, except for one fact: Makeup Geek’s ‚Drama Queen’ is once again much more pigmented.

2. MAC ‚Steamy’ vs MUG ‚Mermaid’

The beautiful, shimmery turquoise shade is ideally suited as a highlight for a neutral eye makeup. Furthermore, a fancy colored Smokey Eye Look can be created around this shade and looks amazing particularly on brown eyes.