Nostalgia may be a dirty liar. It’s the reason why we keep living in the past instead of the present and it also lets moments appear why more amazing than they’ve actually been.

That may sound right, but walking down memory lane is still a beautiful thing to do from time to time. And it doesn’t have to be in this bitter sweet way at all.

So as you already guessed, today’s topic is all about fashion nostalgia, the famous vintage style. It’s quite a strange phenomena, you see them almost everywhere: Teens having grandpa’s camera hanging around their necks, Hipsters searching for the coolest vinyls in record stores and “nineties’ kids” crying out loud that the good times have passed. The weirdest part is teens holding onto a time which they didn’t even experience themselves.

To be fair, analog photographs do look cool and honestly music does sound better with the scratchy sound which comes from a vinyl. But was the past so much better than what we’ve got now? Hardly likely, because today we have a great privilege, the privilege to choose from a huge variety. It’s up to us to pick what we like best from all kinds of phases. And if granny’s sweater is one of those things, so be it.

For all you vintage lovers and fashion junkies, have fun enjoying a little inspiration for your next shopping tour!

Let’s start with a basic piece: These pants by veryPoolish come with an elastic bound, perfect for lazy days.

If you are on a shopping spree on your local flea market or record store, you’ll surely need a bag  to store your items carefully. But don’t worry, ASOS got you!

Ever forget the accessories, they make your outfit complete. This piece by ASOS is a real classic and more than that, it’s an essential item as well, especially now in the sunniest and nicest season of them all. Round vintage glasses have been the thing since forever and we still can’t get enough of the cool and casual look.