When you’re at the beach you wouldn’t want to be completely covered and clothed, which is why you should pay speial attention to your neat appearance when showing a lot of skin. Mani and pedicure nf course are part of that. But which shades look good on tan skin and are perfect for beach parties?

  1. OPI ‘Alpine Snow’
    White is the perfect contrast to a beautifully tanned skin. Your hands and feet will look sexywith this shade and will be a real eye catcher. Whether on short or long nails, white just looks good everywhere.
  2. American Apparel NEON Nail Polishes
    Neon-colored nail polishes are just about the perfect accessory for any beach party. Just like white, bright colors extremelypop on tanned skin and will particularly look great when wearing . Those who want a more intense effect, should use a layer of white nail polish as a base, so that the color stands out even more.
    3. Essie ‘Sand Tropez’
    If you’re not into the bright colors that will stand out immediately, this shade will be the perfect match. The Nude tone looks good on all skin tones and matches absolutely any fashion style.