Jeffree Star Cosmetics is currently the topic of every conversation when it comes to the most popular beauty products. The former musician focused on his brand in the recent years and created unique products that attracted new fans like crazy. With his latest release, the Makeup Artist scored just another magnificent coup. The new product is an eyeshadow palette called ‘Beauty Killer’. The name originates from the first song Jeffree Star published in his time as a musician, marking the start of his life as a celebrity and public figure.

The palette is exactly what we would think of a palette created and designed by an eccentric like Jeffree Star. The packaging is bright pink and of course completely adapted to the design philosophy of the brand.

Looking at the color selection, you can certainly see that the Makeup Artist used his personal favorite colors, that he always used to create his signature looks in the past. 10 different colors were installed into the palette to make sure that you can create any eccentric and flamboyant look your young heart desires. From a bright pink to a delicate peach, every Makeup Artist finds what they need for their ideal look. The eye shadows are furthermore divided into three different finishes: Frost, matte and glitter.

Even the names of the colors reflect the personality of the artist. Names like ‘Expensive’ or ‘Vanity’ speak for themselves and make the palette the perfect product for Makeup Artists who like extravagant styles .

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