Dara from the band Shinee advertizing men’s cosmetics by Etude House

While makeup on men is considered unusual in Germany, it is part of the everyday life for young and hip South Korean men. Makeup is becoming increasingly popular and is now considered an essential in ever man’s bag. Kim Jin-ho is the founder of the successful brand IOPE, a Korean high-end brand for skin care.

The so-called Air Cushion Compact introduced men to the world of makeup. The product was launched last year and changed the makeup industry forever. The product itself is a sponge, which is embedded in a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen. It is supposed to be applied with the matching powder puff –  exactly like an ordinary Cushion Foundation. The product covers blemishes and controls the oil production of the skin.

IOPE sold over 100,000 of the compacts in a year, which is roughly three times more than the sales of ordinary sunscreen for men.

But still makeup for men is still frowned upon by the older generation, especially by the traditional Korean machismo society. Many men still feel uncomfortable going shopping and standing in front of the beauty sections in shopping malls. But thanks to the changing world this hopefully comes to an end soon. However, whether us Germans can expect a boom for men’s makeup in the near future to happen is still uncertain.

IOPE Compact Powder

Image 1: ©www.etudehouse.com

Image  2: © www.iope.com