Youtuber Jaclyn Hill

Within the framework of her collaboration with Becca Cosmetics, YouTube Guru Jaclyn Hill set a huge trend last year and created the most hyped Highlighter of 2015 called ‘Champagne Pop’. The hype of the product was so huge that Becca took advantage of the sales sensation to first create a palette of three highlighters, the so called ‘Champagne Glow’ palette. Since it was only a limited edition, the Champagne Glow palette was quickly sold out, leaving the fans screaming for more. Thus, Becca decided to devote an entire collection to the YouTuber: The Champagne Collection.

Champagne Collection

The collection consists of 5 different products that were created all to match the Highlighter ‘Champagne Pop’.
The Face Palette is for the entire cheeks. It consists of two highlighters, a shimmering blush and two matte blushes. The design of the packaging is absolutely to Jaclyn’s taste: It’s white and gold, which every fan knows is her favorite color combination.
The collection also consists of an eyeshadow palette. Jaclyn Hill chose the color ‘Champagne toast’ herself, which was subsequently complemented with 4 additional colors by Becca.
The Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid is the liquid equivalent of the powder highlighter. It is ideal for summer or as a base for the powder product to enhance the glow even more.

If you are not that much into the extremely highlighted look, this product might be perfect for you. It is the Poured cream version of Champagne Pop and is made for those who prefer a natural looking highlight or already have a more mature skin.

The classic Pressed Powder Highlighter ‘Champagne Pop’ is of course the star of the collection. The product was fortunately added into the permanent selection by Becca, much to our happiness.

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