What started as a small indie brand, is now talked about everywhere on social media. Jeffree Star, who originally started his career in the music business, is a very extravagant makeup artist who, to many, represents the world of drags and androgynous people. His extraordinary nature attracts many customers and Beauty Lover because Jeffree tends to project his creativity and eccentricity on his products.

The Makeup Artist started his own brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics with the launch of the unique Liquid Lipsticks, that immediately hit the beauty market like a bomb. The unique formula provides a very strong and long-lasting hold, while the intense pigmentation seems to be from another planet. Eccentric Colors such as black or white of course cannot be missed in such a lipstick collection, contrbibuting to a fabulous selection for beauty fans and makeup artists.

With his latest products, the so-called ‘Skin Frost’ Highlighters, Jeffree Star also offers a selection for anyone who cannot get enough of individual products. From a snow white highlighter for super fair skin up to a rainbow highlighter, the products should be included in the collection of any makeup lover.

In case you cannot wait to try out the products and see for yourself what all the hype is really about, visit www.jeffreestarcosmetics.com and get inspired by the latest product, the unique ‘Beautykiller’ eyeshadow palette.