Dark hair loses it’s intensity and brightness over time. Colored hair also tends to get dry very fast, which is why a special care is super important. Ingredients like silk particles, macadamia and argan oil give dark brown and black hair a radiant glow and plentiful of moisture. Here are the best products for black hair:

  1. ‘Black Malva’ by Aveda
    For about 46 € this product is available in 1-liter bottles and is absolutely worth giving it a try for anyone who is blessed with black hair. It refreshes the color and makes all the red or yellow undertones disappear.
  2. ‚Serious Conditioner’ by Tigi
    If you dye your hair black on a regular basis, you should definitely get a product designed to repair your hair down to the smallest damages to  make your hair feel alive again.
    For 26 € you can score with this revolutionary treatment that repairs the damages with amazing ingredients like sunflower seeds, while silk particles provide your mane with a radiant glow.
  1. Rene Furterer Karité Night Conditioner
    For anyone who wants to provide their hair with special care, this night conditioner is certainly the perfect addition to your hair care regimen. Massage it into your mane every two weeks, leave it on overnight and rinse off in the morning.

Image 1 : © Aveda