For quite some time the brand Makeup Geek has been considered one of the most successful, constantly growing brands on the makeup market, mainly because the quality you get for the price is simply unbeatable. Most people compare the brand with MAC Cosmetic in terms of quality. It is even safe to say that at least the eyshadows by Makeup Geek are slightly better than those by MAC and yet they are sold for less than half the MAC prices. The huge collection of eye shadow colors by Makeup Geek furthermore makes the heart of any makeup enthusiast leap for joy and has grown consistently in a short amount of time with products such as the Foiled Eyeshadow collection or the Duochrome Eyeshadows.

The latest eyeshadow products by Makeup Geek really hit the beauty market like a bomb, 18 brand new colors add another dimension to the beautiful, already existing shades. The colors are divided into 9 matte and 9 shimmering eyeshadows. Thanks to their different finishes they can be combined in many different ways and can be used to create creative and unique makeup looks. All types of skin tones can benefit from the colors and impress with super highly pigmented colors.
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