One of the many talents from Holland is known as NikkieTutorials. What started with a YouTube channel in 2008 ha become a Youtube sensation with more than 3 million subscribers. NikkieTutorials is one of the most famous YouTube Beauty Gurus and inspires her fans with new tricks and new looks every week.

And nevertheless it seems that she hasn’t even reached the peak of her success yet: Thanks to collaborations with Beauty celebrities Jeffree Star or Huda Beauty, her reputation has been pushed to the max. And yet it seems, that with each new uploaded video, she proves that she can certainly do her reputation justice. The hype around Nikkie is not only due to her crazy and positive personality but also due to her creative mindset and breathtaking artistic skills and competences. The makeup artist does not only create everyday beauty looks on her Youtube channel but she also regularly recreates famous makeup looks worn by celebrities like Rihanna or Lady Gaga.

She is also known to use a variety of beauty products for a different purpose as they were actually meant for. She was the one that started the hype about the Nivea After Shave Balm, which works as a great makeup primer and keeps the makeup look fresh all day long.

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