This year’s Berlin Games Week A Maze Indie Game Award is filled with promising and fun to play titles, some of which we want to present to you. Today: W.U.R.M.: Escape from a dying Star.

Imagine a future in which we have mastered the energy crisis, the pollution of our atmosphere, the seas and the general environment and the problem of overpopulation. So far, so good, but sadly our sun is dying and it is therefore threatening our whole star system with extinction. In an effort to colonize a distant planet that orbits a foreign star, we gathered all the existing resources of all the celestial bodies in our sun system to build a wormhole on Europa, a moon of Jupiter. The only problem: Just one person can enter this hole at a time.

That’s where your story begins: The 2 player co-op game is based around that journey to a distant star. One player has to fly his vessel through the wormhole, while the other acts as Mission Control for the pilot in order to guaranty a safe journey.

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