Love Aesthetics

Van Gogh, coffee shops and tulips – there are plenty of reasons why you should visit the Netherlands. According to a survey, the country of birth of world famous painters including Vincent van Gogh, Rembrandt and Bosch is the German’s favorite neighboring country after Austria, but that isn’t very surprising. What I noticed first during my stay in the capital, Amsterdam, was the friendly way in which most of the Dutchmen behaved towards me, even after I shamelessly asked for the next best coffee shop. Still there was one more thing that surprised me even more. Man, those Dutchmen look bloody hot! It’s no secret that Dutchmen are the tallest in the world. While men reach up to 184cm, most of the slender women reach 170cm. That’s pretty impressive!

For this reason, I was amazed at how particularly the younger people in Amsterdam have appreciated this gift from Mother Nature, emphasizing it with the help of striking fashionable sophistication in a nonchalant manner. To sum up my trip to Amsterdam, that was eye candy as far as the eye can reach.

In my opinion, even the world of social media proves this likeable nation’s fashion-conscious vein. Holland is also home to three fashion bloggers that have taken the online fashion crowd by storm thanks to their cool styles. Here we have 3 Dutch fashion blogs you should definitely check out.

Love Aeshtetics

With her beautiful silver hair and unique minimalist looks, which convey pure aesthetics, Ivania Carpio left a remarkable impression in 2008. Today, she works as a weekly online editor for the Dutch Vogue, which helped her to reach a further successful step of her career.

The World Looks Red

Laura Gommans is a 26-year-old brunet beauty who shines with her cool, yet charming vintage looks. In her blog, the fashionable Amsterdamer presents her romantic view of the world.

Fash’n Chips

Stylist Christine Reehorst has been offering her fans tasteful, urban chic since 2010.